Sunday, August 21, 2016

3rd Friday at the Zhou B Art Center

photo credit: Lisa Haring

Friday was the opening reception for "Reinventing Ourselves from Another Point of View": this year's juried self-portrait exhibition at Art NXT Level Projects. I am so honored to have my painting "Rough Patch" (above) included in this show - and I have to say, I love how my piece was installed. 

Thank you so much to Sergio Gomez and Didi Menendez for curating such a lovely and thoughtful exhibition. Images of a few of my favorites from the show are below.

 photo credit: Lisa Haring
 photo credit: Lisa Haring
photo credit: Lisa Haring

Sergio Gomez' solo show "It Feels Like I Was Already Here" opened Friday night in the second floor gallery at the Zhou B Art Center. I've been a fan of his work for years, and seeing his paintings in person is always a joy. His new Healing series particularly resonated with me. These pieces are densely layered, beautifully complex, and deeply profound. He is particularly adept at tapping into shared human experiences and emotions that are simultaneously specific and universal... it is well worth taking the time to see this show.

I'm so grateful to have seen Sergio's new work in person. I have a feeling these images will linger in my mind for quite a while. 

installation shot, two of the Healing pieces

 Fossil #3, 24" x 12" x 4"

For more information on Sergio and his work:

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Reinventing Ourselves From Another POV

I'm so happy to be included in this group self-portrait show. "Reinventing Ourselves From Another Point of View" opens at Art NXT Level Projects on Friday, August 19th. Quite a lineup of fabulous artists! Chicago friends, you're all invited.

Be sure to check out the exhibition catalog here:

The Zhou B Art Center is the place to be on August 19th! Don't miss the opening of Sergio Gomez' solo show: "It Feels Like I Was Already Here", on the 2nd floor.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Temporary Fix

Temporary Fix   2016   oil on canvas   30"x24"

The color of a white wall remains endlessly fascinating. Capturing the flickering evanescent glow of light is both challenging and rewarding. With this piece, I was interested in describing the sculptural quality of the baseboard - its three-dimensionality and the beautiful way it catches the light - as well as the elusive white of that wall. 

Post-its are a permanent staple in my studio and they periodically float in and out of my paintings. They are literally a "temporary fix" - a reminder temporarily affixed to the wall. Formally, they are an answer to compositional problems, a way to direct eye movement throughout a piece, and a much needed pop of color in an otherwise quiet painting. The square-within-a-square is one of my favorite compositional devices; my painted post-its put a contemporary spin on that modernist trope. 

Anything in the studio is potential subject matter, and the post-its themselves are a kind of residue, similar to the paint drips, nail holes, and accumulated dust. I save post-its; I've had some packs for more than ten years. While that is contrary to their intended function, I think there is something poetic about finding beauty and importance in something temporary and fleeting.