Sunday, January 22, 2017

LAYERED | 3rd Friday at Zhou B Art Center

This week was another fabulous 3rd Friday reception at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. It was a wonderful night, full of good friends and conversation. Sergio Gomez debuted a new series of paintings at ACS Gallery; his new work is definitely my favorite. Below are a few images from the show; check out more of Sergio's work on Artsy:

work from the Transitional Habitat series by Sergio Gomez

"New Beginnings II" by Sergio Gomez

detail, "New Beginnings II"

Friday was also the opening reception for LAYERED at Art NXT Level Projects - an interactive exhibition of work by artists in the Art NXT Level Community. It was such a treat to connect with so many of these artists in person. The neat thing about this show is the variety - there is such a range of style, subject, form, and content - yet we are all connected by being part of this supportive community.

The show also has an online component, where you can get a glimpse into each artist's process. Check it out here:

work by Francesca dalla Benetta - 

work by Sally Ko - Mini Vessels

Checkmate | 2016 | oil on canvas | 20x16"

You can read about my process for creating this painting on the exhibition website. There are images of my sketchbook, color studies, and several in-progress photos as this piece developed. Take a closer look here:

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Drawing Discourse Exhibition

One of my pieces was accepted to this year's Drawing Discourse exhibition! You can see "Recharge" in person along with the other excellent works at the University of North Carolina Asheville though February 17, 2017. I am deeply honored to be part of this stellar show.

Recharge 2015 chalk pastel on paper 13x13"

Opening Reception: January 20, 6-8pm
S. Tucker Cooke Gallery, Owen Hall
University of North Carolina Asheville

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Works Available on Artsy

I am very honored to have work available for purchase through the ACS Gallery Artsy page. ACS Gallery is run by the incomparable Renee LaVerne Rose, and this selection of work was curated by Sergio Gomez. For more information please visit the ACS Gallery page here:

Emil's Corner 2015 oil on canvas 14x14"
*available on Artsy

Stronger Together 2016 chalk pastel on paper 21x14"
*available on Artsy

I am also pleased to announce that I have two pieces available on Artsy through Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in New York. Both of these pieces are chalk pastel on paper, made during my time as an Artist in Residence at Manifest Gallery last year. For more information visit Markel Fine Arts at

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Buonanno a tutti! I hope you all had restful and joyful holidays. Here are two art quotes to start the new year off right:

"Art is not in pictures alone. Its place is in everything, as much in one thing as another. It is up to the community as a whole, in conduct, business, government and play."
- Robert Henri, The Art Spirit p. 134

"I find nature 'as is' a very wonderful romance and no man-made concoctions have ever beaten it either in romance or sweetness. Everything depends on the attitude of the artist toward his subject. It is the one great essential.
It is on this attitude of the artist toward his subject that the real quality of the picture, its significance, and the real nature and distinction of its technique depends. If your attitude is negligent, if you are not awake to the possibilities you will not see them. Nature does not reveal herself to the negligent.
As a matter of fact the most ordinary model is in reality a fascinating mysterious manifestation of life and is worthy of the greatest gifts anyone may have of appreciation and expression."
- Robert Henri, The Art Spirit p. 235