Sunday, April 7, 2019

Zote, Dickinson, and Post-its



Today was my semi-annual brush-cleaning day in the studio. Pictured above is one of my favorite soaps for cleaning stubborn oil paint out of tired brushes. You can find Zote at just about any Mexican grocery store. One bar costs about $1; it works far better than the "brush cleaner" you might have seen at the art store, and it lasts much longer. 

This quarter I'm teaching a class on master copies at Manifest Drawing Center, and today was our first meeting. It was interesting to see the artists that my students chose to copy... and there's nothing like starting class with an impossible assignment: to make a faithful copy in under three hours. I worked alongside my students on this study after one of my favorite Edwin Dickinson paintings. 

Last month was pretty teaching-heavy, but I'm optimistic about having more dedicated studio time this month. Here's a small detail of a painting I wrapped up in the studio this week. More to come...