Sunday, May 25, 2014

Crossing Over to the Digital Dark Side

I've been experimenting with digital drawing and painting recently. With a tremendous amount of help from my significantly more tech-savvy friends, I've thus far managed to not set my computer on fire. This is by far one of the most challenging art forms I have ever tried, and I have to admit that it's fairly addicting. Here are a few recent sketches and studies from the past few weeks: 

...a selection of 2 minute figure gestures:

...a color study of Robert Dukes' "Bright Orange", 2011: (btw, there's a great interview with Dukes on the painting perceptions blog. You can check it out here: My favorite line: "I get excited looking at things and it makes me want to paint them." 

...and the beginnings of a digital sketch for a potential oil painting. I am intrigued by the idea of digital painting as another step in my preparation for a physical painting. Working on a tablet feels more like drawing than painting (at least, it does with the brush settings I am currently playing with), and it lets me test out colors, marks, and compositions quickly and cheaply. More to come...

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Studio, May

There's nothing like that new canvas smell. At the moment I have five new canvases, stretched, gessoed, and ready to go... the biggest problem right now is determining which of the twenty-some images in my head should go on these five... I'm going to need more stretchers.

Also, here's a new little color study I sketched out this week. The color of cardboard is elusive and satisfying to recreate.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Space... the final frontier...

So long, grad school. And so begins life as a professional artist. 

from left to right: Luis Sahagun, Stephanie Chambers, Sergio Gomez, me, Danielle Wagner; at White Ripple Gallery exhibition Saturday night

Stay tuned for new sketches and studio work next week. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Upcoming Show at White Ripple Gallery

"The Feel of Color"
a group show co-curated by Luis Sahagun and Jocelyn Prue
White Ripple Gallery & Co
6725 Kennedy Avenue
Hammond, IN 

Opening Reception: Saturday May 10th, 6-9pm

Also, be sure to come check out Jennifer Cronin and Jennifer Moore's exhibition: "Colored Reality of a Common Fantasy", co-curated by Sergio Gomez and Jocelyn Prue. Hope to see you there!