Sunday, February 3, 2019

Finding Colors

new work-in-progress

I spent a good portion of last week cleaning and reorganizing my pastels. It was quite a process... multiple boxes, upon opening, were full of sticks that all appeared to be the same dusty grey-violet. Meticulous cleaning revealed colors I didn't know I had. I was surprised to discover an abundance of the same five or six colors. Apparently I'm drawn to the same handful of neutral tones each time I go to the art store. There's something about mars violet that just speaks to me.

With my materials in order, I'll be able to draw more efficiently and make better color choices. I have a couple of shows coming up later this year, and I'm excited to have the next few months to focus intensely on making new work. Stay tuned for upcoming experiments in composition, color, and subject matter.

"To express what is nature, in the visible world, this is what matters the most to me...
However, I believe that there is nothing more surreal and more abstract than reality."
- Giorgio Morandi